The Argument For Utilizing Hospitality Staffing Agencies

How much does it cost to construct a new resort? The industry consulting firm HVS estimates that for a budget hotel the average cost is $86,900, while for a high-end resort it runs a whopping. $705,000 per room However, many operators in the hospitality industry scrimp as it pertains to staffing their resort, making hires that are blind from resumes, utilizing the services of all purpose staffing agencies, hiring buddies of current employees, as well as putting ads that are classified or online.

With this much money at stake, and bearing in mind the old adage You won't ever get a second opportunity to make a first impression couldnt be any more accurate than it really is in the hospitality industry, an accountable resort owner or operator has a fiduciary duty to discover the most competent employees potential. The way to achieve that is via a hospital staffing agency.

What Do Hospitality Staffing Agencies Do?

Quality Hotel StaffingFairly simply, an ordinary hospitality staffing service provides high quality workers for hotels, restaurants and other companies in the industry. Applicants are vetted with background checks, and previous employment claims on their resumes are authenticated.

However a complete hospitality staffing solutions company goes way beyond the basic principles. For example, it'll administer skills tests to determine whether performance an applicants capacities and manner will fit with approach and a resorts needs. Its not enough a future employee knows just how to do a job; the employee must also demonstrate consistent performance quality work and the character traits suitable for the employer and also the job. The applicant will likewise be judged on whether or not they are capable of additional advancement with continued training supplied by hotel management.

Just after passing all benchmarks is an employee sent to the employer for final acceptance. Following that, the hospitality temp agencies manages all the payroll, benefits and other employment details; the hotel just pays for the use of the workers services. A win-win scenario, allowing hotels to acquire top-rate employees without any of the hassles.

Employees Accessible Through Hospitality Staffing Agencies

A top-level hospitality staffing agency will probably have the ability to furnish employees for every type of job at each level of hotel.

Resorts usually experience the most difficulty keeping and finding beverage and food employees. An experienced staffing agency can readily supply upper level staffers like banquet captains and stewards, in addition to waiters and dishwashers, qualified and all vetted for their jobs. Expert and reliable housekeeping and maintenance workers may also be difficult to recruit and keep on board, however those openings can be filled by a hospitality service agency with long term employees who could be counted upon to manage the work. Specialization workers like front-of-house and bartenders personnel can also be provided by most high quality services, as well as for short term demands there are hospitality temp agencies that will provide competent staff on short notice.

The actual argument in favor of utilizing cordiality staffing options like this really is that a hotels general manager or his staff is relieved of the weight of interviewing, recruiting, vetting, testing and paying prospective workers. Those obligations are put into the control of specialists who are experts at handling the HR finish of the equation and screening workers, and locating. While simply making one monthly payment for the services of its workers the resorts long-term staff can give its focus on direction and administration.

Its an argument for hospitality staffing agencies thats not easy to counter.